Electric Wire Terminals

Wire terminals are crucial in any kind of electrical install or electrical application. A wire terminal is best utilized when trying to securely create an electrical connection. Without wire terminals, your install would not be complete or may not be fully secured. Depending on your specific application, Crest Fasteners provides a wide variety of wire terminals. For a simple connection that mates two wires, a butt connector would work best. A butt connector is a wire terminal that is a double ended female wire connector. Ring terminals are equipped with a ring-shaped connection end that can easily connect a wire to hardware such as a screw or stud. Push-on wire blade terminals make for a very quick connection between a male and female terminal. Spade terminals, like ring terminals, help to attach to hardware and allow for quick installation and easy removal in small spaces. For maximum strength to mate a male and female connector, Crest Fasteners offers bullet connector options. Need something different? In addition to the most common wire terminal types, we carry specialty wire terminals as well. Examples of specialty terminals include sealed, parallel, and X & Y connectors. The wire terminals are offered in a multitude of insulation types in order to get the perfect connection for you. These installation types include heat shrink, vinyl, nylon, non-insulated, and high temperature. Different sizes for studs and gauges are also available for your perfect fit.

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