Discover the magic of self-drilling screws

Self-drilling screws allow the user to place the fastener directly into the material without the need of using a pilot hole. This can be a huge time saver for many people, depending on what materials they are using. This allows the drilling and fastening to be performed in one step. These can be used with drywall, wood and metal.

These screws look slightly different from standard types. These kinds do not have a pointed end like other kinds. These have “wings” and a “flute” near the end away from the head. These help to push through the material and create the space needed to seat the screw.

These work well when the screw is matched to the material. There can sometimes be problems when people first use them but these are generally due to improper use. Excessive force is at the root of most problems. Decreasing the force and the speed of the drill can lead to success.

Please visit our tech specs page to find out more about using fasteners of all kinds.

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